My age is defined by myself
Enjoy boundless life

When cleaning windows, polishing the outside alone will not make it clear.
It is the same for our bodies. If not carrying out thorough cleanse from inside, the body will not be fully cleaned.
This product is designed to provide balanced protection between the outside and the inside of our bodies.
Meet a new self MADO
Heading to a new world MADO


MADO Drink / MADO Serum


From beautiful appearance to healthy beauty overflowing from the inside

Originated in the United State, the hub of global advanced beauty industry, this next-generation anti-aging care product is attracting attention from around the world.
Living the daily life with the best spirit.
Aiming for a comfortable "beauty" for ourselves.
And thus, lowering the internal age of the body and extending healthy life.


Scale pattern

The geometric pattern of △ in the MADO logo incorporates the auspicious patterns from ancient Japan.
In ancient Japan, it was customary to give Kimono or Obi with such pattern to a 33-year-old (now 31 or 32-year-old) daughter as a protection gains evil spirits when the changes happened to the body.
This simple triangular pattern was also used to decorate ancient tombs and pottery figurines at that time.
In the early modern times, it was also used in Jinhaori for Samurai and Noh costumes. The scales pattern was related to snakes and butterflies rather than fish, which often represent molting. It was a symbol of auspice, such as removing disaster, rebirth, expelling demons, prolong life and advancement.
MADO has applied a scale pattern to the logo so that it can become an armor-like talisman in daily life for people who can express themselves in their own way.


MADO Drink / MADO Serum


MADO drink friendly to people and environment.
Define my own age.Healthy life forever.


Antioxidant drinks

Blended with highly concentrated Astaxanthin, MAAs, Vitamin B Complex, etc., it strikes the cause of aging and pumps the body with vitality from the inside.
Active oxygen is constantly generated in the body due to UV rays, stress, air pollution, fatigue, etc.
It is vitally important to detoxify this active oxygen as early preventive measures against diseases.
By properly performing this antioxidant procedure, the immunity power to fight against external enemies that try to penetrate the body is enhanced.
And thus, to create a body that is capable of detoxing unwanted elements from the system.
Detoxifying harmful active oxygen from UV rays and improves the moisturizing power of the skin.
It also has various effects such as suppressing the oxidation of blood lipids. (Application for functional food certification pending)
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Expected effects

Protecting skin moistureAnti-UV effectImproving eye strainReducing exercise fatigueImproving fatigue recovery caused by stressImproving cognitive function Reducing spots, wrinkles and loose skinReducing the burden of liver functionImproving blood circulationReducing swellingReducing hair loss and gray hairMaintaining healthy nailsImproving ability of handling cold

MADO Drink / MADO Serum


Containing 3 major beauty ingredients with outstanding functions.

Astaxanthin with high antioxidant function

Astaxanthin is a natural red pigment widely existed in the nature. It is a type of carotenoid that is contained in salmon, shrimp and crab.
Compared to other carotenoids, it has an outstanding antioxidant effect that eliminates active oxygen which is the cause of aging and disease.
It is extracted from the haematococcus which has the highest content of astaxanthin.
Astaxanthin, which has antioxidant effects, has the function of protecting the skin from UV irritation, protecting skin exposed to UV rays from dryness and protecting skin moisture.
In addition, this product has been discovered to have the function of suppressing the oxidation of blood lipids.

Expected effects /
Application for functional food certification pending
Astaxanthin, which has antioxidant properties, has been discovered to have the function of protecting the skin from UV irritation, as well as protecting skin exposed to UV rays from dryness and protecting skin moisture. In addition, this product has been found to have the function of suppressing the oxidation of blood lipids.
Helps moisturize skin, inhibits oxidation of blood lipids, reduces mental fatigue and exercise fatigue, improves memory, anti-UV effect

The world's first rare ingredient MAAs

MAAs are natural ingredients contained in fish and seaweed, and have high moisturizing effects and excellent UV care functions.
It is difficult to extract , not even 1% of the dry weight can be extracted from seafood. Furthermore, it is difficult to incorporate it into cosmetics.
It is the ingredient that is currently attracting attention from global research institutes and cosmetics industry.

Expected effects / Moisturizing effect, anti-aging care effect, UV blocking effect that is safe for the body

"Folic acid", as a hematopoietic vitamin

Folic acid, along with vitamin B 12, is said to be the "hematopoietic vitamin" that helps the production of red blood cells.
It is also an important vitamin for the growth of the body because it promotes the biosynthesis of nucleic acids and proteins such as DNA and RNA, and helps the production and regeneration of cells.
In addition, since it greatly affects cell division and maturation, it can be seen as an important nutritional component, especially for the fetus.
It is even more effective by taking a well-balanced vitamin B family. This product contains a well-balanced combination of vitamin B family.

Expected effects / Promotes body growth, promotes hematopoiesis, improves metabolism


Six other carefully selected ingredients

Arch Chalk Leaf Extract
Blocking the harmful substances produced by genes due to aging and prevent the production of collagenase.
Effectively moisturize and tighten pores.
Improveing skin condition, moisturizing effect, and improving the flexibility of the joints and bones.
Vitamin C
Vitamins and liver coenzymes are very important for glucose metabolism, lipid metabolism and protein metabolism. It also increases good cholesterol and participates in the production of hormones and antibodies.
Niacin VB
It can be expected to have various rejuvenating effects such as repairing organs and muscle cells damaged by metal illness, aging, excessive drinking and eating, and lack of exercise.
Enzymes made by fermenting about 80 kinds of wild grasses, vegetables, fruits, seaweed, etc. The enzyme in the body has the function of digestion, absorption, decomposition, excretion, promotion of metabolism, and adjustment of hormone balance. Almost chemical reactions in the body would not occur without enzymes and are essential for health and beauty.

In addition, for those who aim to become an advanced user,
we will introduce another reverse aging program
in collaboration with Total relaxation salon avEch.

MADODrink、MADOSerum Method Image

Through private counseling, we will give advice on various factors that affect the body, such as living environment, lifestyle, eating habits, constitution, genes, skeleton, posture, muscle balance, and mentality, in order to support the realization of reverse aging that suits each person.

In order to take care of aging from the foundation of the body, antioxidants, antiglycation, active oxygen removal, improvement of brain fatigue, balance of the intestinal environment, mental care, posture adjustment, detoxification, muscle strength adjustment are necessary.


MADO Drink / MADO Serum


Aesthetic Massage Treatment

Combined with techniques such as lymphatic and venous massage, reflexology, neck massage, and slimming, reverse aging is more effective. A treatment menu can also be provided.


Posture and strength improvement
Yoga, strength training, etc.

Adjustment of posture, skeleton, center of gravity, balance, etc.
Online training support.

  • Relaxation Yoga (Meditation and Stress Relief)
  • It is even more effective by combining lymphatic yoga (smoothing the flow of joints and doubling the detox effect).
  • Lucy Dutton
    (unique breathing technique massages internal organs to boost metabolism and active body balance)

Starting with counseling,
reverse aging scheme offers a variety of programs

  • Getting to know yourself now through online personal counseling
  • 5-week physical improvement course

  • Identifying the best exercise method for ourselves through genetic testing
    *Additional test fee is required.

Online personal counseling, MADO drinks, raw food and vegan diet, etc.
Optimal diet methods, various online yoga to adjust muscles and posture,
Taylor made programs, such as detox massage.

The importance of protecting from the outside

The skin is also an armor that protects the body. It is an important organ that boosts immune function and excretes wastes that the body does not need.
The skin condition is very important for the detoxification of the body.
Care is important not only for appearance.

There is a term "skin and brain are originated from the same root".
This is a common concept for beauty therapists, but it may not have taken root in people's mind.
It means that our skin and brain are closely connected because they have the same roots.
For example, when you are stressed or tired, have you ever experienced rough skin, dullness, or dark circles around your eyes?
This can be the result of negative stress such as anxiety and worry. The balance of the autonomic nerves is disrupted, and blood flow to the capillaries that provide nutrients to the skin is impaired. However the key reason affecting the skin condition is the negative mental state and instability of the brain.
It's not just rough skin problem, it's an SOS signal from the body.
On the other hand, by taking care of your skin, it is possible to improve the relaxation effect of the brain and enhance your immunity.

Enhancing daily well-being, detecting the distress signals sent by the body and taking countermeasures as soon as possible, is the most effective way to manage health.
I believe that taking control into your own hands is a shortcut to reverse aging, which also leads to better health management.

MADO Serum

MADO serum uses a vacuum bottle with pump nozzle, which can effectively prevent the product from contacting the air until it is used up.
Regular bottles are often thrown away because they can't use up the remaining serum at the end.
This vacuum bottle avoids the serum from outside air, and because the bottom rises due to air pressure, fresh serum can be served until last drop.

How to use

When applying with multi-layer method, it softens the skin, makes it easier for active ingredients to enter, carries nutrients to the skin, and grows it into glossy skin.

  1. MADO Serum:
    As a booster, it can be used on the skin after washing the face to soften the skin and improve the penetration of skin products used afterwards. Reduces skin stress.
  2. Lotion:
    Easier penetrating than usual.
  3. MADO Serum:
    Delivers nutrients to the skin adequately.
  4. Lotion:
    The usual lotion feels as moist as a lotion pack (when a lotion pack is used, it becomes more elastic and softer)
  5. MADO Serum:
    Delivers nutrients to the skin that becomes soft and easy to penetrate.
How to use

Main ingredients of MADO Serum

Water-soluble fullerene (Nobel Prize winning ingredient)

Fullerene mark (Radical Sponge) allowed only for products containing high fullerene concentration. It has an antioxidant effect 125 times that of vitamin C, and its persistence prevents cellular aging.
Due to various stimulation such as UV rays and stress, excess active oxygen generated in the body attacks healthy cells and promotes aging. It detoxifies the active oxygen that causes this aging.
Normal antioxidant ingredients (such as vitamin C) prevent oxidation of other substances by oxidizing themselves. Since fullerene can adsorb and decompose active oxygen, fullerene itself is not oxidized, thus it can continuously remove active oxygen.
In particular, water-soluble fullerenes are known for their high penetration capability into the skin.
Antioxidation, moisturizing and metabolism of healthy skin need synergy with other ingredients.

Super Hyaluronic Acid
Much higher moisturizing power than hyaluronic acid.
Hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid
It is an ultra-low molecular weight ingredient that achieves about twice the penetration rate of conventional products.
Vitamin C derivatives
It releases fragile vitamin C after it is absorbed into the skin to exert a whitening effect.
Water-soluble proteoglycans
It can be expected to have effects such as increasing keratin moisture, promoting collagen production, cell activation, improving pigmentation, improving wrinkles, improving rough skin, and improving skin elasticity.
Wild Thyme Extract
Also known as Cinderella Care. It is said to suppress the occurrence of pigmentation during sleep.
Mandarin Orange Peel Extract
Dullness improvement and transparency improvement. In addition, it is also blended with highly concentrated ingredients that improve blood flow and have anti-inflammatory effects.
High-performance moisturizing and protecting skin from abnormal weather and excessive stress

MADO Drink / MADO Serum


Making reverse aging a daily habit

The most frequently asked question from customers was, "How should I carry out home care between treatments?"

When it comes to skin and body care, many people think that unsing great amount of products is important.
However, it's not about blindly applying as many kinds of product as possible.
It's about taking care of your skin according to your condition.
Similar to body care, stretching, relieving stiffness, warming and cooling, moisturizing, soothing, taking care ourselves according to our condition for the day.

However, for those of us who live busy lives, it may be extremely difficult to check our skin every day.
Therefore, the existence of beauty therapist becomes meaningful.
However, it is difficult to check the skin condition of our clients every day.
I've been looking for a way for them to check it themselves and adjust to the best status.

So I decided to develop it myself.
It took us four years to develop a drink and serums which contain ingredients that solve all kinds of beauty and health issues by enhancing metabolic and immune function.
We were able to develop the drink with the help of Fujifilm.

Since its release in July 2019, it has spread by word of mouth mainly among salon customers,and it has been well received by salon owners in the same industry who had the same troubles as me. Hence, I sincerely hope more people will be able to try this product.
What we value in product development is to develop ideas that are friendly to people and the global environment, and realize a better coexistence between the environment and people.

What we value in product development is to develop ideas that are friendly to people and the global environment,and realize a better coexistence between the environment and people.
For example, with MADO drinks, when going into the sea with sunscreen, a large amount of coral bleachs and cannot spawn.
The loss of corals destroys not only corals, but also marine animal and plant ecosystems, and also affects birds and other organisms.

However, exposure to strong UV rays without sunscreen can cause health damage to humans, such as the massive generation of active oxygen and burns.
Therefore, by taking this drink, can reduce the harm of UV rays and protect our bodies even without wearing sunscreen.
Alternatively, we thought of developing a sunscreen that has little effect on corals and does less damage to the skin and body.
In the future, we will continue to improve our products and packaging, and create products that are loved by everyone while giving shape to better ideas.

Hiroe Hori

Hiroe Hori
Hori Worked at Shiseido "Visage Hiroo" for about 12 years and trained many beauty therapists as a coach.
In 2009, "Total Relaxation Salon avEch" was opened in Hiroo. 25 years of business experience. Responsible for more than 20,000 people.
A charismatic beauty therapist trusted by models and actresses.
After supervising KOSE cosmetics "Awake", she established "avEch beaute' Company" in 2019 and starts to sell products.
In 2022, established "avEch Plus Company".
Planning and selling reverse aging products that are friendly to both people and the environment.


MADO Drink / MADO Serum